The Best Help in the World.

As we see in the Garden of Eden, the Holy Spirit hovers in the background, awaiting our call, our request for help or our initiated action.

In reaching for our goals and dreams as we create our ideal life, a major flaw will be to think we have to do it alone, or that we have to do it all ourselves. This was not the Creator’s intention for humans in the Earth.

As I outline in the book, (Pre-Creation Assessment 2: page 18), from the start, before any creative work began, we are introduced to the Holy Spirit. And when the Creator said, “Let us..,” the ‘us’ he was referring to included the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit who enables you to live according to God’s standards and values, even when this may be difficult or against our tendencies. He ensures that we follow the purpose for which we were created and sent to this Earth. He is our Helper, Comforter and Guide…each and every day.

Why languish in your situation feeling hopeless? Why think that there is so much to do and so little time and become overwhelmed? Why follow your own short sightedness and confused mind on a path that does not seem right for you?

Ask the Holy Spirit for his help in any of these situations. Ask for his charge, if your battery is feeling a bit run down. Ask for his push, if you need some leverage to get over a hurdle. Ask for his hand, if the road seems a bit rocky. Embrace his direction, if some doors seem closed. Others will open.

It is the Creator’s desire that we all live fulfilled, abundant, meaningful lives. This is his original design. And he gave us all the resources needed for this to occur. The main resource is the one who understands exactly who are to be on the earth and can help us Create our Garden of Eden: He is the Holy Spirit.

season of spring

It’s Spring in the US;this means showers and flowers. Some days are cool. Others are hot. But we all enjoy the freshness in the air.

I always listen to the weather report to know how to dress these days, or whether to pack an umbrella if I’m heading out. It’s called preparation. Most everyone does it…for the natural weather and seasons.

So now onto creating your ideal life; your Garden of Eden.

Is it springtime for you? I’ve decided that this is a season where some days are warm, where things are happening and I can see the results quickly. Then other days are cool, when there is less outward activity. I use those days to continue my long term planning and to ensure the systems of my business are in order for the heavy hot busy days of Summer. Don’t fret if every day is not bursting with productive outward activity. Recognize that this may be the season of fluctuating weather.

We also need to pay attention to the signs of things that are blooming and springing up in our lives. Those that are healthy and enhancing should be encouraged. I’m still working on getting into a rhythm in my exercise routine, but each week is better than the one before. Something is blooming here. I want to encourage this. Congratulate yourself if you are succeeding in some small way in your life, in any area of focus. And if there are little negative habits creeping in, nip them in the bud in this season. Do not allow them to take root. No more watching late night talk shows for me. They’re actually quite useless. But for a time I was devoting the last hour of my day to the senseless jokes of late night comics. Not any more.

Enjoy the freshness of the air. The newness of spring. Appreciate the new doors that are opening, the new experiences, the new friends and the new life that is unfolding for you. I am certain in some area of your life there is something new unfolding. Take a deep breath and enjoy the newness, just like a lovely spring day.
Not everything may be going as you planned, but in creating your ideal life, you have to look for the good in every day and every endeavor and be thankful and appreciative to the Creator.

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