Take the Scenic Route

You’re on your way to creating the life that you want to life. Or, perhaps you’re now getting started, thinking about what to do. How you will organize your life, and what you should do this morning (or tonight) to get back on track?

During your day, you often have two or more pathways you can choose. Here’s my advice for today: If all else stays the same, choose the more scenic route. This will lift your spirits, give you a new perspective, and put a positive spin on the rest of the day.

I tried this one morning as I was walking to work. As it was winter, I usually took the shortest, quickest route to get to the office. But then there was another route that was perhaps 5 mins longer. However, this was a nicer route; the streets were cleaner, the stores were fancier, the people seemed a bit less harried, and it was a less crowded because the sidewalk was wider.

I realized I spent less time trying to avoid bumping into the crowds, and actually liked looking into the store windows. This was Fifth Avenue in New York; possibly one of the fanciest streets in New York.

Even though taking Fifth Avenue was a longer route, I felt mentally more stimulated and in a better frame of mind from the wider street and fancier stores. So I resolved to do this as often as I could simply to add some positives to the day.

In creating you ideal life, there will be challenges and even setbacks. Most of these will be connected with your mentality and outlook on situations. One way to overcome these mental challenges is to put yourself in the best frame of mind that you can.

Look for the blessings in the day. Smile and not grimace at situations. And, where possible, take the scenic route. Walk along a nicer street. Detour and drive by the water, or a park. Stop and look at the children in the playground.

If one of these, or some similar action brightens your day, or lifts your spirits, go ahead. Do it as often as you wish. Take the scenic route, feel the warmth flooding your spirit, and you’ve given yourself a 5 minute mental uplift.

A half-step is better than no movement

I once read advice on exercise that said: If you can’t do the full workout, just do 50 sit-ups and push-ups instead. The writer was encouraging us to make a small step on those days when we can’t seem to get the big steps done.

I’ve embraced this advice; in the specific context of exercise, I absolutely do sit-ups and push-ups when it may be too late, or I’m too tired for the full 45 minute workout. Some days I read one verse and not the entire chapter.

Here’s the main benefit; you don’t feel guilty about not making any progress or about falling off your plan. Secondary benefits are: you make actual progress and move forward in our plan. In addition, you keep your momentum going.

Applying this to the Create Your Garden of Eden process, I often start writing later in the day than I had planned. Or I cross off one item on my to-do list, and not the entire day’s actions.

As you seek to develop your masterpiece in the Earth following the steps in our formula, keep this half-step proviso in mind. And you should note that on some days the Creator created very little and on some days he created much.

For example, Day Two we see the creation of the heaven boundary; the dividing line that reinforces there is more to life than what we see in the natural and a reminder that what we create should be compared against the ideal of our ‘heaven.’

And then on Day Five, he creates the fishes and the birds followed by all other living species on Day Six, culminating in the creation of the human. Who knows why the Creator chose the specific elements for specific days? Who knows why Day Two was a simple act?

Let this be certain: small steps can take us where we need to go. If you can’t take a big step today, or devote 4 hours to creating your Garden of Eden, then take a small step and spend 30, or even 15 minutes focused on completing one necessary item. And congratulate yourself; Every small step helps to move us forward.

Choose to think the positive instead of the Negative

I often wonder why it seems so much easier for some people to focus on the negative than on the positive. If there are five news stories in the headlines, most will be negative. Folks are always keen on sharing their unhappy thoughts and experiences, whether it is about the mundane -traffic, weather, the dog, or about the major global issues of security, the internet or crime. Are we coded to focus on the negative, or has this developed due to our access to 24/7 information from all around the world? I’ll have to do some more research into this; but suffice to say, to create the life we desire, we have to focus on the positive and dismiss the negative. And we have to take deliberate action to maintain this focus. If we look at our model creator, we see absolutely no mention of the negative. The first introduction to the Earth is a description that seems quite dismal, which could give rise to a negative outlook. But there was no mention of anything negative. In fact, immediately, we are introduced to the Creator, he starts to bring the positive out of what appeared negative and bleak. Every dark situation has light within it; you simply have to believe it is there to be revealed, pray and enlist the help of the Holy Spirit, declare the positive outcome you seek and walk confidently with the assurance the light will emerge. This is what we see in the Day One of the Create Your Garden of Eden process. God called the Light forth out of the darkness and the Light appeared. Often to see the Light in the midst of what looks like total darkness requires a deliberate mindset, a determined focus to have Light and a rejection of anything negative that reinforces the darkness. If you are in a job search that seem to be dark without an end in sight, declare that you shall be employed as the “Light” in your situation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for the direct actions you need to take for the Light to be revealed. Believe and listen carefully and quietly, while focusing on some positive aspect. Perhaps your career choices are being narrowed and unprofitable pursuits are being eliminated. Perhaps you now understand the importance of exercise or the importance of being pleasant to those going through a bad situation. Perhaps you realize that taking care of your family is more important than a fancy company title. These are all positive outcomes to what seems to be total darkness. Choose to think on the positives of the situation, declare and pray for the Light and look forward expectantly to the Light shining. *be sure to use the CreateYourGOE Workbook to develop a workable plan for you to achieve your goals, whether it is to seek a new job or career or pursue some other goal.

Sometimes you have to inspire yourself

Regardless of what’s happening in your life, I’m certain you can recall a time or an experience that filled you with hope, where you happy about something you achieved or accomplished. It may be as simple as a time you finished a project on time, when you cooked a really tasty meal, when you made it to the gym each day for the week or when you gave a speech to your club with no sweat. And maybe today is not one of those days for you; you may not feel like a success now. But it is in these times that you need to revisit the successful experience and remember that if you did it before, then you have it within you to succeed again. One of the lessons we learn in the Create Your Garden of Eden process is that the creation of the sun and the moon in Day Four signifies the cycle of time and the seasons of life. This gives us the assurance that life moves in cycles; if we had spring last year, we shall indeed have spring this year. And so, you can know from this, if you had success in one area of your life in a time past, the time will come again for you to have success in that area once again. The seed is within you. Even if you have not baked for decades, with some practice you can once again bake those wonderful cakes and cookies everyone enjoyed. If you wrote regularly and expressed your ideas with ease, you have the talent within you and the time can return when you will do this again. Look at your own successes and inspire yourself by what you were able to do in the past. Keep looking forward and when you wish to step into that place of success, simply reach down inside and step out in faith. The cycle will indeed continue.

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