A mindset of gratitude

This week, those in the US celebrated a national holiday of Thanksgiving. This holiday was initially in gratitude to God for a bountiful harvest season and for the blessings of safety and good health. With pumpkins and turkeys fully available during the fall season, these became hallmark foods for the celebration. However, like so many festivals and holiday traditions, time has blurred the original intent and now, for most, it is a day to gather with family over a large dinner meal. And then to begin the shopping for the next festival of Christmas.

We can choose to either celebrate or not to celebrate festivals. But there is tremendous spiritual, social and emotional good to cultivating a mindset of thanksgiving, appreciation and gratitude.

If you’re reading this, most likely you have lots to be thankful for. For starters, you’re still alive. And you have access to the technology to allow you to read this message. And you can read. And if you’re in the Create Your Garden process, you’ve been looking at your life and working toward creating the life you want where you live each day fulfilling an inner purpose.

I’m very grateful for just being clear on my purpose. And to know that the Creator assigned me the role to help others identify their inner gift and bring it into reality in a way that energizes, uplifts and fulfills them. I enjoy working specifically with creatives, entrepreneurs and business people to help them optimize their talent, skills and ideas.

There was a time when I was not clear on what I was specifically to do on the earth. I had an idea, a sixth sense, but I could not articulate my purpose in a defined way. And I know there are others, many others, who still go around life in a circle or in a kind of fog, moving from one day to the next, from one week to the next, from one month and year to the next without examining their direction and destination. And not knowing why they are here on the earth.

If you are still on that search, then I urge you to read the book, Create Your Garden of Eden. If you have started and stopped before completing it, it is never to late to get back on track. All you have to do is start your engines and press the gas.

Regardless of where you are, take a moment to be thankful for where you are, for having got to this point in your life…still alive. And for having connected with a blog, post, or group of others who are moving forward to create their ideal life. And for having the faith and trust to believe and know that there was more to life than you were experiencing.

Besides material blessings, be thankful for your mindset of creativity. Be thankful for hope. Be thankful for those who are supporting you. Be Thankful for the God who gave you life and who has never turned his back on you. Be thankful that tomorrow is another day to keep reaching for your destiny. Be thankful that it is not yet over and you are still in this earth side of the boundary of heaven. And be thankful that you can continue to apply God’s pattern to create a better life for tomorrow than you had yesterday.

Just remain in this mindset of thankfulness. It is a good foundation from which you can move upward.

Keep creating,

Is Someone Waiting For You?

Consider this: You are here on the earth as a unique person with a special combination of ideas, experience, perspectives, outlook, beliefs, background and personality. There truly are no two identical humans on the earth. Each person is absolutely unique.

And each person has a purpose that is unique to him or her. Even if there are two identical twins with similar views and beliefs who both go on to become medical doctors, teachers or designers, each will see the profession in a slightly different way.

This means that there is something only you can do in the way that you can do it. And somewhere, there is someone or some group of people waiting on your unique perspective, insight, passion and persona to show up.

I recall years ago asking a classmate about his law practice during a 20th year law school reunion. His comments have stayed with me, shining a light on a point that fits in with the Garden of Eden process. He said that he often thought about the legal clients he could have helped earlier if only he had more confidence to start out earlier.

This resonated with me because I know there are many who can benefit from the help, work and support of others. But many remain seated instead of stepping up to their purpose.

And what of your tribe, following, supporters, members or team? They are waiting for you to move forward toward fulfilling what your destiny demands.

We have the command to have the dominion over the earth in Day Six. This is to exercise control over the area you have been assigned. This can be in the arts, in the professions, in education, in the home, in music, in entertainment, in technology, in management, in social work, in ministering…in whatever area your calling exists, you need to pursue your purpose because others are waiting on you.

These may be students who need direction, support or coaching to develop their potential. Or young workers or retirees, employees, artists or creatives who will need the company you are to start to move to the next chapter of their lives. There may be health and medical inventions buried deep within you. You may have technology inside you that can change the course of life for someone on the other side of the earth.

Your purpose is unique to you. And the diversity and variety of life on this planet should let you know that God had enough creativity to give everyone a unique purpose. And so there is someone waiting for you to do what you are gifted and graced to do to come into their own purpose.

Can you let yourself imagine and envision the impact you can have if you were to step forward and identify your purpose and begin to live each day powerfully. This is why the Create Your Garden of Eden process was shared. There are so many who can benefit when you put internal doubt, fear, uncertainty and confusion aside and walk toward the light of your purpose. The world needs what you have been created to do.

Keep creating,

Let’s finish this year strong.

It is approximately 6 weeks to the end of this year and the beginning of a new one. This is a great time to set the goal to finish the year strong in Creating Your Garden of Eden.

Goals must first begin with an internal vision of what success or an ideal life looks like for you.  Setting this vision is one of the PreCreation steps in our process. If you have not yet read the book, you can email us for your complimentary ebook – just to help you end 2019 strong. The PreCreation step is in Chap 1.

You can try to figure out what is your ideal life by yourself, but I can assure you that the CreateYourGoe process works. It is what God himself used when Creating this beautiful world we live in.  Following this process to find your purpose in life and create your ideal life will save you from trial and error and losing time.

Now at this mid November date, you can work on one or more areas of your life for the rest of the year or you can focus on only one area.  With whatever area you have chosen, write out the end of year goal clearly. State it clearly, in past tense, as though you are writing a report on Dec 31st looking back at the year.

It is important to capture your vision on a page. Imprinting words by writing stimulates our mind and makes us feel more committed to making it happen.

And set a Big Goal. Have a bold vision for your 2019. Setting big goals is important as it then allows you to work backwards and determine what needs to be put  in place to  accomplish those goals. Since we looking at 6 weeks, you will have to consider what is short term to accomplish in this time, or what can be launched that may be a medium or longer term goal. This is our Day 3 process.

So think  about and write Your Big Goals for 2019. 

I have just written out 10 bold things I want to do to finish 2019 strong and hit the ground running in 2020. One of my goals is to get my core suite of support products for the GOE book out to those who can benefit from it.

In addition to writing your vision on paper, another key strategy is to keep your vision visible before you. Many people use vision boards, whether electronic or paper based. Others use their phone or desktop wall paper so each time they look at their phone, they are reminded of their big goal. Whatever you need to do, do it to ensure your Vision for the remainder of 2019 is visible to you.

I have created a Vision cheat sheet for those who are using the Create Your GOE process. This helps you think through the Vision process and identify how you want to be known in a particular area by the end of the year.

If you wish to receive a blank sheet, send a dm with your email address and I will send you a word file which you can easily customize with your own  Vision for your strong finish to 2019.

Having a big vision is exciting and exhilarating. It makes you feel powerful. It gives part of our brain a task to accomplish. Like a marathoner at the last mile, let us not become sluggish as the end of the year approaches. Rather let us give ourselves a strong push, focus with purpose and keep moving toward the finish line to leap into the new year with a sense of accomplishment.

Do you really have a choice?

For those who believe in God the Creator and his personal involvement in the life of believers, do we really have a choice but to pursue the purpose for which we were designed?

Though we do, in effect, choose how committed or passionate we are about our purpose, we really do not have a choice in this. We are commanded to “Be Fruitful and Multiply. Fill the earth and Subdue it.”

This means to go out and express the nature of God in you and represent him in the way that only you can represent him. As we state in the book, pursuing a purpose in life is all about creating on the earth the life you see internally though your thoughts, impressions, prayers and inner revelations.

It is the Creator who put these thoughts in you when he created you and gave you the breath of life. And he designed everything to cause his purpose for you to manifest in the most fulfilling way

Throughout the Bible, we are provided with admonitions to work out our purpose and salvation /wholesome life with reverence for God. We are charged to be Ambassadors for him and be the evidence of an invisible God to those who do not know him.

Therefore, we do not really have a choice. We must live each day to represent Him and the best way to do so is to pursue the unique purpose he has given us and to do so passionately and deliberately.

When we may feel as though we are not equipped to succeed, or when a day presents challenges that weary us, we must remember we are on a path of destiny. We are on a path that is for us. And everything we encounter is meant to bring out our best. We may stumble or stay despondent for a bit, but we know, as shown in Day 4, that night does not last forever and we will see a brighter day tomorrow.

So, let us keep moving forward, following our divine command and working out our purpose in life with confidence and assurance that we are fulfilling a divine instruction.

Creating with Love Mindset

As you start out or continue creating the life you want, how will things be different if your mindset is that the Creator who sent you on this journey to earth did so with a heart of love? You are here to fulfill a purpose and the one who designed and orchestrated your life, has a central nature of love. Let this be the backdrop against which your work through how you Create Your Ideal life to manifest and represent all the Creator has for you.

For one, this will (or should) eliminate any stress, doubt, uncertainty and condemnation that perhaps you cannot really achieve your destiny or become all you were meant to be. Such negative thoughts are incompatible with the love the Creator has for you.

This love is every stronger than the love between a parent and a child. There may be no greater love than what a mother has for a child she has birthed. A child can rest assured that mother is always looking out for her best. And even then, with limited human insight, this may fall short. But not so with the Creator’s love for you.

A fundamental position in the Create Your GOE process is that you have a unique identity. There is no one like you in the entire world or universe. You are one of a kind. And you have been created for a unique purpose that only you, with your combination of personality, skills, perspective and experiences, can accomplish. This is the starting point for the journey.

Add on top of this the mindset that you were created by one who has a heart of love for you. The Creator wants you to succeed on this earth. The Creator is cheering you on. The Creator has invested in you everything you need to accomplish your purpose. And he orchestrates circumstances of your life to cause this purpose to manifest. Your role is to cooperate, seek his guidance and assistance and be assured that his love for you will not allow you to fail, if you trust him and have faith in him. Of course, if you choose to deliberately ignore the guidance and direction and throw yourself under the bus, or go in a tangent when that still small voice inside you is pointing in a certain direction, there will be an undesirable outcome.

We are told that God so loved the world that he gave his best, his only son, to redirect us back to him when we were heading downhill. How much more will the Creator respond to you as you deliberately, earnestly, strategically, passionately and intelligently pursue his ideal path for you. His love cannot ignore his created being, you, the Masterpiece of his creation.

In each step, know that his love can be relied on to steer you in the direction you must go to fulfill his purpose for you in this earth. And so you can take comfort in this, and continue to move from day to day with confidence and expectation of success.

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