I spoke with a friend at the beginning of January and asked him what he wished for the New Year. He said, “A Fresh Start!” Although I expected him to say something like – more money, more time, or good health –  what he asked for was actually the easiest thing to have. Anyone, anytime can have a Fresh Start.  I know over the years, every now and then, I’ve felt like I needed a Fresh Start. And, today, in Feb 2014, some two years since my last blog post, I’m having a Fresh Start.

When you get derailed, or find yourself on a train going nowhere, when your project falls off schedule, when your goal was put on a back burner and the flame went out, when you look in the mirror and close your eyes with tears, it’s time for a Fresh Start. And in Creating your Garden of Eden, you can always just pick yourself up and start afresh. Wherever you were in the process of whatever you were doing, you can start afresh using the creation pattern in the book of Genesis. Even if you started this process years before, as I have, we understand that in our lives, each GOE Day is not a 24hr day. So if you have been working on creating a foundation for the last five years, or you were on Day 6 creating your complex life and you stalled, you can decide today to have a Fresh Start.

A Fresh Start means you acknowledge the past accomplishments or failures, you identify what lessons you can learn from the past and you set goals and a plan for the future. For my Fresh Start for this website and book project, I used a mind map to brainstorm all the items to be completed and then I identified where I wanted to end up at the end of the year and set a timeline for completion of all the items. Regardless of where you are, you too can have a Fresh Start today.  Identify where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months or a 1 year.  And start moving toward your goal. Follow the GOE steps if you need a solid process. To help you along the way, use the GOE Workbook which you can get right here from my site.

Enjoy the journey.