For those who believe in God the Creator and his personal involvement in the life of believers, do we really have a choice but to pursue the purpose for which we were designed?

Though we do, in effect, choose how committed or passionate we are about our purpose, we really do not have a choice in this. We are commanded to “Be Fruitful and Multiply. Fill the earth and Subdue it.”

This means to go out and express the nature of God in you and represent him in the way that only you can represent him. As we state in the book, pursuing a purpose in life is all about creating on the earth the life you see internally though your thoughts, impressions, prayers and inner revelations.

It is the Creator who put these thoughts in you when he created you and gave you the breath of life. And he designed everything to cause his purpose for you to manifest in the most fulfilling way

Throughout the Bible, we are provided with admonitions to work out our purpose and salvation /wholesome life with reverence for God. We are charged to be Ambassadors for him and be the evidence of an invisible God to those who do not know him.

Therefore, we do not really have a choice. We must live each day to represent Him and the best way to do so is to pursue the unique purpose he has given us and to do so passionately and deliberately.

When we may feel as though we are not equipped to succeed, or when a day presents challenges that weary us, we must remember we are on a path of destiny. We are on a path that is for us. And everything we encounter is meant to bring out our best. We may stumble or stay despondent for a bit, but we know, as shown in Day 4, that night does not last forever and we will see a brighter day tomorrow.

So, let us keep moving forward, following our divine command and working out our purpose in life with confidence and assurance that we are fulfilling a divine instruction.