If my hairdresser knew every single strand of hair on my head, I’d be able to ask her very specific questions. Why do hair follicles, numbers 10,000 to 20,000, on my right side grow more than the others? Why are some different shades of black and brown? Can we grow the short patch at the temples? And, oh so important, what causes some to turn white and look grey and how can we reverse or stop it!

Science tells us you have approximately 100,000 hair follicles on your head. What would knowing each strand of hair mean? It means the hairdresser or barber took the time to learn about her valuable client. And it means her answers will be more precise and targeted to me.

Do you know that God the Creator, the one who formed you,  has numbered every strand of hair on your head? And he knows each number for each hair strand.  More than this, your hair log is not filed away some where in your personal database in heaven. He has this number at his fingertips.

How does this make you feel?

I know I feel valued when someone remembers a small detail about my life or preferences, such as when someone remembers I like my almond milk warm, but my water at room temperature. When someone takes the time to remember details, it means your small personality quirks or idiosyncrasies, those things that make you who you are, have been noted and filed because you are important.

Similarly, you are important to your Creator. He created you and He values you. Even if no one else may care about your situation or what you are facing, He does. And we know this because He knows your down to the details of the number of  the hairs on your head.

He cares about what is happening and where you are. If you are not yet in the ideal job, relationship, career, home, or  health condition, He knows and He does care. 

In our Garden of Eden process, we know the Creator understands your uniqueness because HE CREATED YOU with your unique qualities and giftings. He formed you and He breathed life into you.  And he orchestrates situations in your life to cause you to fulfill His purpose and destiny for your life.

What does this mean to you?

Trust Him.

Trust the Process.

Do not worry.

Do not fear.

 He has all things in control.  

Even if life changes – and what is life but full of change – we know that He has got this. And if our Creator has it under control, then, by definition, He has already accounted for this situation in the life of you, His Masterpiece.

The next time a strand of hair falls to the ground, or you find a bald spot (eeeew, the horror!),  think about the numbers of the hair strands and the Creator who knows which has fallen and which are still intact.

If He has numbered your hair strands which are not the most valuable part of your life, know He has also numbered your days and knows where you need to go. And God  can get you to where you need to be to fulfill the destiny for your life. Trust him.