A friend commented, facetiously,  as she shuttled kids to tutoring while rushing home to a virtual work call, that she was #livingthedreamlife.  We both chuckled. But then I thought seriously about what she said. And  then realized I was actually living my dream life and did not even know it. I thanked her for raising my awareness.

And so, I wondered: If I could be so focused on the next step towards a purposeful life: building a career, growing a business, writing the next book, that I did not immediately stop to appreciate where I was, for sure, others on their journey may be similarly unaware.

My question to you is: Have you considered what your ideal or dream life looks like?  Will you know when it shows up?  This visioning is the central point of the entire Create Your Garden of Eden process. We are identifying our purpose and crafting a life to live out that purpose each day, and this is our dream life, our ideal life or our best life.

No doubt, 2020 was a significant year in many ways. So last week, I travelled to the Caribbean for a warmer,  tropical environment, and now I’m writing from a wonderful apartment with a view of the hills. The elements of #livingthedreamlife are in place. While I was thankful in advance a few weeks ago, I did not use the phrase #livingthedreamlife and had not stopped to acknowledge that two weeks later I was right there.

What does this mean? Recognizing this milestone is an act of praise to God, for it is all in pursuit of the purpose I believe He has assigned me.

Also, it brings peace and inner contentment when you can say I am indeed #livingmybestlife. It causes a reset of all issues – bringing them into alignment with the words and mindset. Peace comes when we realize that we are in the will of God and we know He is directing our steps and can see it unfold before our very eyes.  Of course, the dream life is not only about external things. It starts with the internal vision correctly aligned with the divine blueprint for your life.  And this inner position can have you living your best even though the external circumstances are still being created to express that inner vision.

How do you get to this point?

  1. To live the dream life, you first must dream the dream life. Start to Dream. Be clear on what #livingmybestlife looks like to you. Write it out in detail very clearly. Form the picture in your mind so that when it turns up, you know definitively that you have received it. Feel the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. Be happy thinking about #livingthebestlife. Let your entire being dwell in this place.  This is our Day Zero task in CreateYourGOE.


  1. Think Big and think beauty. Your best life should be a challenge to where you are now. It cannot be simply “Oh, great. My bills are paid this month. I am #livingthedreamlife.” Or “I got a new car for Christmas.” Let your best life be the best you can imagine. Be bold in your imagination.  Think Big. And let it be beautiful and inspiring. Look at the Garden of Eden that God created for Adam to have the best life. Let this inspire you. In 2021, we will be drilling down into exactly what resources and elements have been given and how to see these all around you to know you are indeed  #livingthedreamlife.


  1. Keep your core values at the forefront of your mind. Whatever you dream and hope to live must resonate and be “good” to moving toward your destiny, purpose or assignment. This can be your Grand Purpose, or the assignment for your current phase in life.  Be sure your values are reinforced because a life without alignment to God’s destiny for you is not #livingthedreamlife.


  1. Live Your Dream Life or you will be helping someone else live theirs. Many often follow a path unintentionally, not thinking about whether they are headed in the direction of their dreams. You will not end up #livingyourdreamlife if you are casual about your decisions and choices. If you are not careful, someone else who may be directing your job,  career or business may be doing it so that they can live their dream life, while you are not. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing a boss or a business partner clearly moving ahead while your support is not moving you forward. Find the right position and the right partner so that you can be aligned and both move toward #livingthedreamlife.